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Hermes Pan

Award winning choreographer who along with Fred Astaire created some of the most highly spirited dances in the film history.He was a dancer and choreographer and dancer who is remembered as Fred Astaire’s choreographic collaborator in various 1930s movie musicals starring Astaire and Ginger Rogers.His original name was Hermes Panagiotopoulos in the year 1909.He met Fred Astaire on the sets of Flying Down to Rio(1993) in which he was an assistant to dance director David Gould.Even when he was not working with Fred Astaire,Hermes pan was vermy much in demand as a choreographer throughout the times of Hollywood musical especially in Lovely to look at (1952)and Kiss me ate (1953).He was also a teacher to Ginger Rogers teaching her the steps well before she had to work with her on screen partner. According to DVD commentary for Top Hat(1935),he is believed to often dub Ginger Rogers taps for her films.


Dance forms
  • Tap dance
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Hermes Pan

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