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Gus Giordano

Gus Giordano  was an American jazz dancer ,born on July 10,1923 .He was also a choreographer who was the pioneer of jazz dance and gained respect that was already enjoyed by the ballet and modern dance.and Hanya Holm. He studied with Katherine Dunham, Alwin Nikolais His Broadway credits included performances in Paint Your Wagon and On the Town, Giordano moved (1953) .IN 1962 he founded Jazz Dance ded Giordan Chicago which was considered the first troupe to focus extensively on jazz dance .He organized the first jazz Dance World Congress which was an annual international convention that featured master classes and performances and had choreographed hundreds of dance numbers .He wrote several books on jazz dance.He received an Emmy award for his television special” The Rehearsal” in 1980.He joined  a dance group at Roxy theater where he used to perform four shows a day.


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Gus Giordano

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