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George Balanchine

George Balanchine born in the year regarded as the most promimnet In the rank of contemporary choreographer in the world of ballet .He came to the United States during late 1933 at the age of 29 on the invitation of the young American arts patron Lincoln Kirstein (1907-96) who wished to create a ballet company in America.At  the supphis behest,Kirstein was also ready to support an American academy of ballet .He was also responsible for choreography for various films,operas,revues and musicals. Among his best-known dances for the stage is Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, originally created for Broadway's On Your Toes (1936) which was made into a movie later. 

George Balanchine was taken as a major artistic figure of the twentieth century.He heightened,quickened,streamlined  and even improvised the basics of the 400 year old language of academy dance.The style with which he performs ballet are now performed by many classical ballet companies in the world.



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George Balanchine

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