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Fifi Abdou

Fifi Abdu is considered as the queen of oriental dance and is admired by millions of people in the East and in the West. She became an icon of raqs sharki. She was equally disliked by many who found her behaving provocative and vulgar.She was mentioned in number of scandals and for that she was billed in her movies,cassettes and videos. Fifi Abdu is an Egyptian belly dancer  .While working fine in her business,she started her life as a dancer.After few years she started working in cinemas and theatres. She considers herself as an admirer of the legendary belly dancer Tahiya Carioca and is even interested to produce a movie on the life of Tahiya. She is believed to spend as much as time in the courtroom as she does in ballroom.As a result of which she never moves without her bodyguards and security to protect her against her opponents as well as admirers


Dance forms
  • Belly dance
Choreography Experience
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Fifi Abdou

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