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Farah Khan

Farah Khan was born on 9th January,1965 and is a film producer,actress,Indian film director and a choreographer.She is known for her choreography in various  Bollywood films.She has choreographed more than hundred songs in about 80 films.She is also a director as well.Apart from that she has also worked on international projects such as Marigold:an adventure in India,Monsoon Wedding and the Chinese film Perhaps Love.She was inspired when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”was telecast and it was then when dance became her vovation. She learnt dance from her own and then set up a dance group.She took over the project Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar when the choreographer Saroj Khan walked out of the film .She was also nominated for her work in Monsoon Wedding,Bombay dreams and Vanity fair for a 2004 Tony Award as Best choreographer along with Anthony Van Laast for Bombay dreams.She has hosted many of the reality shows as well.


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Farah Khan

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