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Fanny Elssler

Fanny Elssler was born on June 23,1810,in Vienna,Austria.She was an Australian ballerina who introduced theatrical folk dance or character dance into ballet .She was famous for her spectacular dancing and her techniques that she used while dancing.She was a daughter of a valet and copyist for the composer Franz Josepf Haydn.She gave childhood appearances at  the Karntnerthor Theater along with her sister Theresa who was also a dancer.After studying for three months with Auguste Vestris she made Paris Opera debut in 1834 and others from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.It was her success that divided Parisian balletomanes into two camps.She toured the Unites States between 1840 and 1842 where she won extravagant adulation and earned enormous sums.She extended her American tour by breaking her contract with the Paris Opera .she continued to dance successful in Germany,Italy,Russia,England until she retired in the year 1851.


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Fanny Elssler

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