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EZ Twins

Ez Twins are the twin brothers Enej and Ziga Jurecic and are taken as exceptionally talented ones in the field of dance.It was the renowned Master crew on the T.V show Slovenia’s Got Talent through which they gained recognition.Their skills have taken them from the Balkans to Spain and from France to Shanghai. EZ twins were a part of Bollywood movie as well in the year 2013.They deliver their passion for dance by delivering in workshops and teaching at dance camps.They have worked with choreographers like  Nick Bass Chop shop (2010)Di Moon Zhang Dream chaser(2012)Lando Wilkins Chris Brown LTBG (2013)and Ian Eastwood-One crazy shot (2013)Anze Skrube-Miley Cyrus -23(2013).


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EZ Twins

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