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Evan-Burrows Fontaine

Evan Burrows Fontaine was born on October 3rd,1898 and was an American Denishawn trained dancer and actress.She learnt Dance Egyptienne by St. Denis husband and a choreographer named Ted Shawn.She performed Shawn’s Sylvia in  St.Denis Company’s production at the Ye Liberty Playhouse in Oakland,California.She toured with the traditional Jockey Dance at an annual celebration.She was also seen in The Ed Wynn Carnival being the Queen of the Nile at Amsterdam theater of New York.She was an entertainer who donated for blind war veterans at Manhattan’s Ritz Carlton.She has worked on motion pictures;Madonnas and Men in which she played the dual roles of Nerissa and Ninon,Women Men Love as Moira Lamson and A Romantic Adventuress in which she played the dancer.Then she became limited to her “oriental style” while dancing in cabarets and various nightclubs. Fontaine performed in the 1921 novel Beauty by Rupert Hughes.


Dance forms
  • Tap dance
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  • Events
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Evan-Burrows Fontaine

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