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Erick Hawkins

Eric Hawkins is a popular name of Frederick Hawkins and was born on 23,April,1909.He was a leading American modern dance choreographer and a dancer.He was born in Trinidad,Colorado and did his majors from Harvard University in 1930.Later he attended the School of American Ballet.His first choreography work was his first dance called,”Show piece” which was performed by Ballet Caravan.The next year he got the chance to dance with the famous modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham and the two got married in the year 1948  and they got divorced soon.He met Lucia Dlugoszewski,the experimental composer and they remained together for the lifetime.He excelled in contemporary composers and focused to perform live music.His collaborators apart from Lucia Dlugoszewski included Alan Hohvanes,Virgil Thompson,Dorrance Stalvey,Helen Frankenthaler,Robert Motherwell and visual artist Isama Noguchi.


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Erick Hawkins

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