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Elvis Mascarenhas


3-4 hours a day depending on the intensity of the training hours may increase too Starts with foundational drills and then freestyle and concepts brain storming same depending on the flow and fresh of Mind and connectivity with the music .


The first person to represent India in HipHop category At a dance world cup called Dance@live in Taiwan and ranked 6 th amongst other countries like USA korea gremany France Hongkong Singapore etc Won few national battles like the 1st ever House dance battle in India called YOUDH and won a All style battle at HipHop International India Rumner up at The Culture Rumner up at Celistial Cyphers Vol.2 And won many local jams in mumbai too Judges many event like Celistial Cyphers Vol.1 YOUDH HIPHOP HuStle The Message vol1 etc and many other college events too Have danced and India's 1st RnB music video called People Ain't Things by Thomson Andrews Assisted for few reality shows too Movies like Dad Ki Maruti (Danced and assisted in choreography) Desi Boys International Music video by Kristina Maria Performed at Kala Ghoda and Indo Greman fest And performed and workshops few of the Salsa Congress in India like IIDC,GILF,HIDC etc Also taken workshops around the country like Delhi ,Goa , Pune, Hyderabad,Surat,kolhapur ,Ratlam etc


Dance forms
  • Hiphop
  • House
  • Salsa
  • Street dance
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




Please feel free to contact me about anything.

Elvis Mascarenhas

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