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Eduardo Corrochio

Eduardo Corrochio was born in the year 1869 and was a Spanish born dance and the winner of the first Tap Dancing Championship in New York City in 1890.He was the son to Miguel and Regina Corrochio. His father was a British colonel and his mother was half English.He went to the Spanish gymnastic school at the age of seven where he was noticed by an instructor called Damiano Tutador. Then he went to The Casablanca school of dance in the center of Madrid.It was in the year 1890 that Eduardo Corrochio started the tap dancing Championship in New York.He defeated Henry Rogers and became the first dancing tap champion of the world .In 1894 he again won the title of another Tap Dancing Championship in Chicagi,Illinois.This time there were three hundred participants in which twenty of them were Non-Americans from Britain and Germany.


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Eduardo Corrochio

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