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Doris Humphrey

Doris Humphrey was born on October 17,1895 and was a pioneer in American Modern Dance and has been always an innovative personality in techniques,theory of dance and choreography. She has always been interested in dancing since an early age. After graduating from her high school she joined the Denishawn dance school in Los Angeles.She started experimenting in choreography.”Sonata Tragica” was her first major success.She created dance form that reflected her character and individuality .She has been trained under great teachers such as Ottokar Bartik and Serge Oukrainsky who helped her excel in her skills and become a highly talented dancer.She visited the Fransic Parker School in Chicago from Kindergarten to high school. She started doing choreography with St.Denis by 1920 and “Soaring”was among her earliest works which had the music of Robert Schumann.She took retirement in the year 1945 as she had arthritis  and became the artistic director of the Jose Limon Dance Company.


She was inducted into the National Museum of Dance's Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Hall of Fame in 1987.


Dance forms
  • Modern dance
Choreography Experience
Dance Experience
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Doris Humphrey

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