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Doctor Ice

Fred Reeves from Brooklyn,New York City came to be known as Doctor Ice as he always wanted to be in the medical profession when he was in school.A former member of U.T.F.O where he continued for five years.It was most famous for its song “Roxane , Roxane” .He can be seen in many videos of Whodini along with Kangol Kid.He was famous for his stage persona a well known as the Debonair Doc or Doc Ice.It was him who influenced Hip Hop dancing with new style .His impact can be seen by the dance moves in videos by artists such as Scoop Lover,Scrap Love and Kid N Play and the late Trouble T-Roy.Commercial world worshiped Michael Jackson  and fashioned their loves moves according to him but the black community embraced Ice as his dance was reflective of moves done in small nightclubs.He toured with Whodini throughout the USA.


Dance forms
  • BBoying (Breakdance)
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Doctor Ice

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