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Dianne Walker

Dianne Walker also known as Lady Di  began her dance training in Boston along with Mildred Kennedy Bradic and had later studied with Leon Collin,Jimmy Slyde,Jimmy “Sir”Slyde.It was in 1979 when she began a professional dancer.She performed with Collins &company and she was one of the directors of the Leon Collins Dance Studio Inc of Brooklyn,Massachusetts.She is regarded as a pioneer in the tap dancing field.She was called as”America’s First Lady of Tap by the Boston Herald and the the renowned contemporary tap dancer Savious Glover along with his peers called her “Aunt Dianne”with affection as she had a unique place as a mentor,guide and a teacher.Her memorable appearance was seen at the Rainbow Room in New York City with Ruth Brown,Al McKibbon,Sir Roland Halanna,Grade Tate.She performed “Memories of You”on Broadway .She also has been assistant choreographer for various shows and has created choreography for a European tour.


Dance forms
  • Jazz
  • Tap dance
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Dianne Walker

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