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Dean Collins

Dean Collins is often discussed and mentioned in the origins of West Coast Swing.But one thing is for sure that what he instilled became a widely popular element and a style.He was born in Columbus Ohio and then he moved to Newark,New Jersey.He started practicing dance at the age of 14 at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem.He was the receiver of the year award by the New Yorker Magazine.It is believed that he used to dance in the Harvest Moon Ball contests in New York during the mid 1930.His first dance contest winning performance was at the Palomar Ballroom.He went further and choreographed many Hollywood movies.In the year 1939 he was asked to choreograph ‘Let’s Make Music” in which he accompanied Bertha Lee.He partnered Bertha Lee for about three years.His main partner was Jewel MvGowen .He has been sponsored a Dance Championship contest in Hollywood C.A.


Dance forms
  • Swing dance
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Dean Collins

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