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Cristian Oviedo

Cristian Oviedo is a famous salsa dancer in the Latin dance scene.He was born on November 19,1979.He started his teacher career in the 2005 in California and taught there over 20,000 students in almost every US state .He has won many competitions since 2003 with various partners including the ESPN World Salsa Championships and has danced with popular musical artists including Tito Puente,El Gran Combo and Celia Cruz.He is credited with the choreographing dance scenes for Hollywood movies and has worked with celebrities like Johnny Depp in Public Enemies ,2009 and Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave  in 2008 and Colin Farrel in Miami Vice in 2006.He formed his professional ance team called “Los Diablos”in the year 2005 and has performed for Paramount Picture,the Mayan Nightclub in Los Angeles , Las Vegas Salsa Congresses and various other events as well.He has even worked Usher,an experience he well cherished.


Dance forms
  • Salsa
Choreography Experience
  • Events
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  • Advanced




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Cristian Oviedo

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