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Charles Didelot

Charles Louis Didelot was born on 27th March ,1967 in Stockholm who was a French dancer and  choreographer .He was the son of Charles Didelot who was the dance master of the king of Sweden .His father taught him how to dance who was also an instructor in dance at the Swedish Opera.He debuted as a dancer in Stockholm 1786 in the theater of Bollhuset. He studied with Jean Daubeval and Jean Georges Noverra  under whom he debuted in London in 1788.At the invitation of the Directors of the Imperial Theaters,he arrived in Saint Petersberg in 1801.1806 marked an end to his career which was followed by an accident to his leg and death of his wife,Rose who was a brilliant ballerina at that time.He was widely acclaimed for his choreography in ‘Flore and Zephre” in 1796.It was about dancers on wire or flying machines in order to create the impact of weightlessness.


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Charles Didelot

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