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Carlotta Grisi

Carlotta Gisi was born as Caronna Adela Giuseppina Maria on June 28, 1819 in Visinada,Croatia .She was an Italian ballerina of the Romantic era who was respected by the choreographers and dancer named Jules Perrot and to the poet Theophile Gautier who created the title role in Giselle.She was the cousin of the opera singer Giulia Grisi and she received her training in her early life at the ballet school of La Scala.Born In a poor family she was withdrawn from school at the age of 10 to join a touring opera company .Her first creation at the opera was Giselle (1841) which added her to the line of the great stars of the 1830 such as,Marie Tagliono and Fanny Elssler. She danced from 1850 to 1853  in three of her new works by her teacher such as, The Naiad and the Fisherman (1851), The War of the Women (1852), and Gazelda (1853).


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Carlotta Grisi

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