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Carlo Blasis

Carlo Blasisi was born November 4  in the year 1803,in Naples,Kingdom of Naples of Italy. Blasis was an Italian ballet teacher and writer on the history,technique and the theory of dancing. Blasis is known for creating the position of attitude with inspiration from Giambologna’s staue of Mercury in which the performer’s working leg is raised to a level and is stretched to the back and bent at the knee at the same time.He is well known for discovering the technique for escaping dizziness while turning that came to be known as spotting due to which a dancer is able to snap his head around more quickly than rest of his body;meanwhile maintaining focus on one “spot”and not becoming dizzy.Many of traditions that were brought about by Blaisis and his invention were brought forward to knowledge by his pupils and were preserved in his second book called The code of Terpsichore(1830) and is considered the basis of classical dancing.He died on January 15,1878 in Cernobbio,Italy.


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Carlo Blasis

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