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Happy Women’s Day

International women’s day-A day to celebrate social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women .A day that has been observed since 1900 that marked the inception of radical changes and growing population .Need for gender parity was the ultimate motive to promote the international women’s day. Earlier the whole sole duty of a woman continued to be the caretaker of the family and keep self at the last.

4db0a846-6d74-4941-ae02-7459b73a0821Self care was nowhere even in the wish list, it all revolved around giving Woman has always been an important element of the society and the noticeable part is that the modern society has started keeping note of that. Woman too, today has begun to look for herself in the crowd which she missed earlier. The picture seems to take a turning point at a rapid rate in the eyes of a woman for sure. Women’s interest and participation in the course to make self happy and feel individuality is increasing. The role is expanded from normal day to day chores to what not. There are proven statistics to claim that women are doing better than men in many areas.

Stepping out of a home, alone which was a big deal during our grandparents time seems to exist no more .Now it is more about recognition in the workplace and that too has evolved in the country and is now stretching overseas. The names or the trendsetters –Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Mary Kom,Arunima Sinha are an inspiration to one and all. Actresses are now showcasing their talent worldwide ;Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra,Deepika Padukone are reaching and ready to prove their point . Without proper care and fitness all would have not been possible .It is imperative and highly important that health should not be a factor or even a part that can be delayed or compromised. It would not be wrong in any way to say that without proper health one cannot move a stone in a world in the long run that is moving at a speed of flight. It is proven that a woman works more than a working man on a daily basis but is considered otherwise. Fitness does not ask for a zero figure but a body that fit, healthy and happy that works in the best of its abilities in every circumstance and attains a balance in every walk of life. With so much openness to vulnerability to health prone diseases like arthritis, obesity, diabetes, water retention, it is easiest for a For a gender as soft and at the same time as strong as women it is of the utmost requirement that health comes foremost in the list. The right path toward fitness would be nothing lower than the stage when body attains a stage when it is emotionally, physically, mentally is benefited. The best way to keep and stay healthy is to exercise your body and that is very well available in equipped gyms near every doorstep. It would help strengthen every muscle, organ and every constituent of the body keeping every cell nourished and nutritioned.
Other ways can be to meditate that keeps your heart alive and open and work freely without any pressure and keeps you concentrated to the present moment .For those who love adventurous trips, mountaineering, trekking, climbing, skating are all forms of exercises too in a way that allow your muscles stretch . Health and fitness clubs today provide a wide range of apparatus and machines that constitute the cardio workout machines. Many women get bored of the monotony and the consistent routine of running their lives on the mills and the workouts in the gyms. For them it is obviously other forms of exercises as yoga, spinning, aerobics, dance cardio and other strengthening Today there is a huge range of gyms that give diet charts to the customers in consideration with their weights. Women’s fitness and health works on many levels since every woman has her own needs, desires and limitations. Some women what need most is a body that is not obese, some undernourished wish for weight while some need is a gorgeous body, maintain toned body while some dream of an active body. Women’s fitness is important for happy and healthy life.
To highlight more, dance not only adds to fitness, but it can be easily said that dance is fitness. When it is so clearly known that how dancing benefits to the optimum health, why not celebrate the fun with dance.It is an expression of joyousness. Women’s day is a celebration of you being a woman and taking pride in being one. You are special, you are the strongest and most special and stunning creation of god’s creation Celebrate the day with the love of you being a woman and for the love of dance. Celebrate because it is you who has created the entire world,celebrate because you are worth it.A Very Happy Women’s Day To Every Women who is in love with herself, who finds her complete when she is happy and joyous. So stay fit, keep healthy and dance up everything in life. You are special and you know that. Make a commitment to yourself today itself to stay fit and fine because the world exists when you do .
Happy women’s day.

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