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Bessie Clayton

Bessie Clayton was born on July 16,1948 and was an American Broadway entertainer popular during 20th century,a dancer and a choreographer.Bessie Clayton is known for her whirlwind style of dance performed while coming down a long stairs.She was the daughter of Irish Immigrants,born in Philadelphia and she received an early training from ballet master named George Washington Smith.Her performance was during her age of eight and it was with the help of her fellow Philadelphian , manager and composer Alfred E.Aarons that she made her professional debut after some eight years later.She made a trip staged at New York’s Madison Square Theater .As per the reports,Bessie Clayton was hired as a one night fill in dancer after Loie Fuller,a dancer abruptly left.She got married to Hoyt’s choreographer,Julian P.Mitchell The couple stayed together for sometime and then got divorced until 1924.She got retired in 1924 and married her former manager,Bert Cooper.



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Bessie Clayton

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