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Bboy Speedy


1. Bounce - The Hip Hop Jam (Solo) (Vaishali) 2. Adidas Originals Bboy Competition (Solo) (Amity University) 3. Del For Pol (Seven To Smoke) 4. Get Together Jam (Solo) 5. Street Dance at LNMIIT Jaipur (Twice in a row) 6. Renaissance JECRC Jaipur 7. Crank Dat DCE Delhi 8. Respect Bboy Circle (Twice in a row) 9. Battle Field (Delhi) 10. CUL-Tu-RED (Banglore) 11. Algorythm Jamia (Delhi) (Twice in a row) 12. Switch The Funk Up DTU (Delhi) 13. Fusion of Breaking (Delhi) Apart from the competitions, his crew (Prijekt Street Dance Crew) and he has worked for a number of social causes. To name a few - 1. Protect the Nature 2. Art - An Outlet to Education 3. Equality amongst Professions While trying to pay his hard work in the game,he has tried to contribute back to the community by taking workshops, lectures and informative discussion sessions.


Dance forms
  • BBoying (Breakdance)
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Bboy Speedy

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