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Baiba Klints & Alisa Tsitseronova

Baiba Klints & Alisa Tsitseronova are names of talented dancers from Eastern Europe where Baiba comes from Latvia and Alisa is from Estonia.The duo are amazingly talented,dedicated and highly determined.Travelling around in different camps have given them the potential to develop  their dance skills.This paved the way for them to run various workshops in the Old Continent.It was their trip to Los Angeles trip that proved to be highly innovative.They have an experience of working with very renowned talents from the fields such as Mos wanted crew,Poreotics or at Willdabeast’s Carnival which helped them to develop their potentials as dancers.


Dance forms
  • Hiphop
Choreography Experience
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Baiba Klints & Alisa Tsitseronova

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