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Antonio Gades

Antonio Esteve Rodenas ,”Antonio Gades” was born on November 14,1936 in Elda,Spain who became famous with his  Spanish dance and choreography through his elegant  performance and powerful choreography. Pilar Lopez,the great dancer trained him and the name Gades was chosen by him.Antonio Gades was also the first director of the National Ballet of Spain.He married for times in his life.Some of his best works can be seen in the films like Bodas de sangre (1981; Blood Wedding), Carmen (1983), and El amor brujo (1986).He has performed on the most famous stages of the world and has traveled extensively with various productions which included Federico Garcia Lorca’s work .He was the co-founder and the artistic director of the Ballet Nacoinal de Espana in 1978.He toured the world for his stage shows,one maong which was the Fuenteovejuna which was based on a play by Lope De Vega 


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Antonio Gades

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