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Anna Pavlova

Born on Februay 12, 1881 in St.Petersburg,Russia .She attended the Imperial Ballet School and after that she made her debut in the company in the year 1899 and she became prima ballerina.Her tremendous performance in The Dying Swan in 1905 became her signatory role.Then she joined the Ballet Russe in 1909 and she formed her company in the year 1911.As she did graduation as a coryphée she was skilled and could skip right while dancing in a corps de ballet .La Fille Mal Gardee was a dancing group of three which was her own company.With every performance she gained more and more popularity and was critically acclaimed and achieved subsequent fame.Then she continued to rise through ranks .She toured at various places and the capital cities throughout Europe Berlin, Copenhagen and Prague, among others.Little girls were very much inspired by her to be an adept dancer the same way she had been at the Mariinsky Theater.


Dance forms
  • Ballet
  • Tap dance
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Anna Pavlova

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