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Ann Miller

Ann Miller was born on April 12,1923 in Chireno,Texas by the name of Johnnie Lucille Ann Collier.She was an American dancer,actress and singer.She is remembered mostly for her work in her Hollywood musical films from 1940s and 1950s. Ann Miller’s athleticism made her a staple of big screen musicals in the 1940’s and 50’s.She has been a tap dancer.She had her vigorous approach to dancing and her agent believes that she can produce 500 taps a minute.She has been praised till today for her roles in movies “Easter Parade”(1948).It was in 1940 that she appeared in a series of forgettable movies.To name some,  ''Time Out for Rhythm'' (1941), a vehicle for Rudy Vallee; ''Priorities on Parade'' (1942), a feel-good movie for soldiers starring Jerry Colonna; ''Reveille With Beverly'' (1943); ''What's Buzzin' Cousin?'' (1943); ''Jam Session'' (1944) and ''Eadie Was a Lady'' (1945).


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Ann Miller

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