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Andrey Silantyev

Born in Moscow, Russia,Andrey Silantyev went Moscow Ballet Academy and after graduation,he joined the State Academic Bolshoi Theater where he was a soloist for twenty years and has traveled across Europe,Asia,South America, Austrailia, Japan and the United States In his ballet there were different elements included Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, and Spartacus. He has been a professional coach coach for ballet for25 years. He has two diplomas: a Master of Arts degree  in Dance and a Master of Performing Arts degree in Education.He has done teaching in various ballet companies and at the Moscow Ballet Academy and numerous schools in Russia and the U.S.A.His teachings are given as a part of traditional training that talks of the excellence of his ballet learning and the experience that he has a dancer, choreographer. Andrey Silantye’s method focuses on correct placement developing strength and attention.


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Andrey Silantyev

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