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Amera Eid

Amera,an Arabic word meaning princess,Amera Eid is considered a legend in the Australian Belly dance.Amera Eid is the founder and the former owner of Amera’s Palace Belly dance boutique and school that was established in the year 1987.Then Amera sold the business to Ali Higson 3 years ago but still she continues to teach and is a renowned teacher of Middle Eastern dance. Amera Eid is from Egyptian/European background and started her professional training in Sydney in the year 1983 and has also worked in the Sydney Restaurant and Arabic nightclub circuit for full time in the 1980s. The first belly dancer to conquer Middle East as a performer in many 5 star hotels such as from The UAE,Egypt,Oman,Jordan,Africa,Syria.She retired as a professional dancer when she returned to Australia working in her business.She gave appearances for various visiting Arabic singers such as George Wassouf,Rageb Alame,Mona Merashli,Tony Mohanna,Mahez Al Bayah and many more.


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  • Belly dance
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Amera Eid

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