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Alex Moore

Alex Moore was born in the year 1901 and was an English ballroom dancer from  Stourbridge. He was known for ballroom dancing ,a leading organizer and a dance teacher of internally famous and author of classical ballroom.His way of Ballroom dancing is taken as the “Bible”of International Style ballroom dancing.His career of dance started at the age of 6 .He was ranked second ina World Championship of Ballroom dancing along with his sister .He partnered with Pat Kilpa trick in 1932 who became his wife .He traveled all over the world in both his dancing  and teaching.He was in the post of Chairman and then became the President of the ISTD and then became the Honorary President of the International Council of Ballroom Dance.He issued the Alex Mooe Monthly Letter Service which was a periodical about ballroom dancing  that had hints for dancers and instructors about dance championships.


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Alex Moore

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