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Agnes De Mille

Agnes de Mille with full name as Agnes George de Mille was born on September 18,1905,New York.She was an American dancer,choreographer who later developed the aspect of dance and made use of various themes,physical idioms,folk dances in her choreography of ballets and musical plays.She was the daughter to the playwright of William Churchill De Mille  and her mother was the daughter of the economist Henry George.She earned a B.A degree and spent her youth  in Hollywood .After moving to New York she toured the United States and Europe and gave concerts of her sketches in mime-dance.She performed in works by Antony Tudor and then studied modern dance.She has been the recipient of many awards and prizes as well and she continued to choreograph ballets for American Ballet Theater Texas Fourth(1976), and The Informer (1988). Among her several books are Dance to the Piper (1952), The Book of the Dance (1963), Lizzie Borden: A Dance of Death (1968), and Speak to Me). 


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Agnes De Mille

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