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To create India's most impactful digital platform that creates
life-changing experiences for dance lovers.

To build a place where people can come to find and discover virtually
anything they want to search about dance and related services.

We strive to transform the way
India connects to dance.

Our mission is to ensure
that anybody can dance.

  • How We Make This Possible
  • Providing fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect service providers to customers.
  • You will find Everything you want to know about nearest Dance and Fitness classes,Batch Details etc., to start your journey of the fit lifestyle.
  • Creating a direct link between those who want to learn and those who teach. Book choreographers / dance teachers to prepare for that special moment be it wedding, thumka at a party or regular classes at home.
  • Get the latest news about flash mobs, workshops, shows and other events all over India.
  • Platform for profesionals to meet recruiters, to find events to perform and compete and progress towards stardom
  • Providing you with all the necessities you need to put on a great show.
    by booking auditoriums and venues with us! Everything else you need, be it costumes , props or
    choreographers, find them all here.

‘Our vast community of dance lovers share their reviews and photos, so you have all that you need to make an informed choice’

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