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Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was born on December 7,1987 and is an American singer.He became famous as a pop and hip hop singer during the late 1990s by establishing himself as a teen among the young audience through his four studio albums.He was born in Tampa,Florida and started performing at the age of seven and released the album by him name in 1997.His second album was Aaron’s party Come which sold about 3 million copies in the United States and then he began to give guest appearances on Nickelodeon and toured with the Backstreet Boys after the record release soon.In 2001 he released his third album by the title of “Oh Aaron” which too made record sales and reached platinum position.He performed a live-in concert for his second album too.He has performed at various concerts and acoustic shows.Aaron also participated in reality shows ,for example,”House of Carters” and “Rahel vs Guys;Celebrity took off”.


Dance forms
  • Hiphop
  • Popping
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Aaron Carter

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